Democrats Claim Cops Killing Criminals Prove Guns Need to be Restricted from Honest Californians

The Democrats have possibly eleven bills to restrict the right of Californians to self protection and the Second amendment. To “prove” this, they created a list of people that have died due to gun...

shots.  These include gang members killing gang members, cops killing criminals in the midst of a crime or shoot out and 149 they “know nothing about”.  That is a downright lie.

Assemblyman Brian Jones is willing to speak out to expose the fraudulent list given by the Democrats to the sycophant media.  Te media is willing to promote radical ideology, without question.

“This list only tells part of the story,” Jones says.  The “victims” include at least one cop killer, a murder suspect, and victims killed by police during a commission of a crime.  It also includes gang related killings, too – as well as suicides.”

Assemblyman Jones also finds it interesting that there are 149 “unknown” victims.”

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