Assemblyman Jones Applauds The Governor’s Action to Ease Gas Prices Jones’ letter to the Governor calls for immediate use of “Executive Authority”

(SACRAMENTO)  Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) has issued the following statement following the Governor’s call to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to take emergency steps to increase the state's gasoline supply and bring down fuel prices.

“I am thoroughly pleased that the Governor took decisive action on behalf of the California consumer,” said Assemblyman Jones.  “His appeal to permit refineries to transition to the winter blend is an excellent first step in bringing prices down.”

Last Friday, October 5, a letter from Assemblyman Jones was hand delivered to the Governor’s Office requesting  the Administration take immediate action to reduce the disproportionate impact gas prices are having on consumers.  In addition to asking for whatever “waivers or variances necessary to permit the production and sale of off-spec gasoline to protect against further fuel supply disruptions” the letter also recommended a possible temporary suspension in the gasoline tax, which is currently over 35 cents per gallon.

“I am hopeful that CARB will take the Governor’s lead on this matter – California consumers need some relief, and they need it now,” said Jones.

To link to a copy of the letter from Assemblyman Jones to Governor Brown, click here:

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