Assemblyman Jones Responds to Legislation Allowing 15-Year-Olds to Register to Vote

The office of Santee's State Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-71) recently began filming and releasing one-minute internet videos of the representative speaking about specific topics dealt with (or not) in Sacramento that drive him crazy.

In this video, Jones responds to legislation which would allow 15-year-olds to register to vote. While children would be able to register starting at 15-years-old, they would not be legally able to cast a ballot until they are 18 years old.

"What is the point of registering to vote if you can’t actually vote?" asked Jones.

"Instead of wasting resources on people who can’t vote for three more years, we need to be focused on educating those who are of legal age to register to vote,” he said.

About this column: In his weekly video series "Are You Kidding Me!" Assemblyman Brian Jones explains the frustrations of Sacramento to his constituents.

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