Assemblyman Jones Responds to Legislation Allowing Non-Citizens to Serve on a Jury

The office of La Mesa's State Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-71) released another one-minute online video of the representative speaking about specific topics dealt with (or not) in Sacramento that drive...

him crazy.

In this video Jones responds to legislation that would allow non-citizens to serve on juries

AB 1401 passed the Assembly and now moves to the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

“We are supposed to be tried by a jury of our peers – by fellow Americans who have an allegiance to our country," said Jones. "It goes without saying that lawful immigrants should enjoy the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that America offers, but serving on a jury should be rightfully reserved for citizens.” 

The Sacramento Bee quoted an author of the bill: 

"You are not required to be a citizen to participate in the judicial process as a party, as a witness, to work for the courts or even be a judge," said another author, Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Watsonville.

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