California Taxpayers Association Awards Jones with a 100% Rating

SACRAMENTO - Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) earned a perfect score of 100 percent from the California Taxpayers Association (CalTax) for his voting record on their highest priority bills during the 2012 legislative year.

Upon release of their voting scorecard, the state’s oldest watchdog group on tax and public finance issues revealed that of the 120 members of the Legislature, only 29 were awarded a rating of 100 percent.

“It is important for taxpayers to require their lawmakers to focus on improving the tax climate, so we can bring jobs back to the state and create more opportunities for Californians to prosper,” said CalTax President Teresa Casazza.

“I am very pleased to be recognized for my support of the taxpayer – it’s an uphill battle fighting the runaway financial train in Sacramento, and CalTax is an important cog in the process,” said Jones.” The data and resources they provide are key tools in promoting government efficiency and protecting Californians from an even greater tax burden than we currently face.”

California is presently ranked 47th in the nation for its poor business climate, having the highest sales tax at 7.25 percent, second highest gas tax at 67 cents per gallon, and second highest income tax for top earners.

“There is never a good time to raise taxes, whether it is by legislative fiat or on the ballot – but to do so in a recession spells greater disaster, because it will only prolong California’s economic slump. We need to reduce red tape and lessen the burden on entrepreneurs so we can be in the business of creating jobs,” concluded Jones.

The 2012 CalTax Voting Record, with descriptions of the bills used in the report, is available at CalTax’s website at  The number of bills voted on by each legislator varies depending on committee assignments and authorship.


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