Jones: CA Attempt to Ban Lead Ammo Would Effectively Ban Hunting

In his latest “Are You Kidding Me?” video Santee's Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-71) reacts to a bill that would ban lead ammunition, which he says would effectively ban hunting. “So what’s the big deal?...

Just use non-lead ammo, right? The problem is that the federal government is on the brink of banning NON-lead ammo. No ammo means no hunting,” Jones says.   Jones says that Assembly Bill 711 is the worst of many bills moving through the California Legislature this year which seek to weaken the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. 

Environmental advocacy groups such as the Audubon Society say that animals such as the California Condor and other endangered species tend to ingest lead and often die of lead poisoning and that humans can ingest lead if an animal has been shot by a hunter with lead ammunition. Other groups dispute these claims.

"It's a sneaky tactic that will have devastating consequences, will shutdown hunting and shooting sports and will leave a big financial hole in California's conservation efforts," says Jones.

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