10 Years After... The Cedar Fire Community Reconnects and Reflects Oct. 26 in Lakeside - Brian W. Jones

10 Years After... The Cedar Fire Community Reconnects and Reflects Oct. 26 in Lakeside

September 28, 2013 (Lakeside) – On the tenth anniversary of the Cedar Fire, community leaders and fire survivors will gather to dedicate a historic memorial commemorating the worst wildfire in...


California history.  The ceremony will take place on October 26 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.at River Park Fire Station #2, 12216 Lakeside Avene in Lakeside, a community that suffered devastating losses when the firestorm trapped people caught unaware of the inferno raging during the fire's first night.

The event will also honor first responders and celebrate fire survivor families’ lifelong connection as guests pause to “reflect, remember and reconnect.”  There will be exhibits, disaster prevention program information, book signings by Sandra Younger, author of The Fire Outside My Window, a VFW band, food and beverages, a moment of remembrance, and appreciation of community support.

Speakers will include Supervisor Dianne Jacob, Fire Chief Andy Parr, David Kassel from the Cedar Fire Rebuilding Resource Group, and Fire Chief Andy Parr. Presentations will be made from the offices of Senator Joel Anderson, Assemblyman Brian Jones, and Congressman Duncan Hunter.

The Cedar Fire was the largest wildland fire in California history. It started 25 miles east of San Diego, in the Cleveland National Forest, when a hunter became lost and lit a small fire to signal for help on the evening of October 25. It quickly spread out of control.

By the time containment was declared on October 28th,  the Cedar Fire destroyed 280,278 acres, 2,820 buildings and killed 15 people. Damage occurred across the County, but nowhere was the toll more devastating than in Lakeside,  where the fire roared through the night catching many people unaware. 

The Cedar Fire continues to hold the sad record as the state’s worst wildfire in acreage burned, homes destroyed and lives lost.

For more information on the memorial event, contact Lakeside Fire at 619-390-2350 or visit


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