2020 Voting Guide

2020 Voting Guide

Dear Neighbor,

Many of my constituents have asked who I'm supporting for local offices in San Diego County.

I'm happy to share with you the list below of candidates and local measures I've officially endorsed. For your convenience, I have also listed below my statewide propositions voting guide.

This is a pivotal election for our region, state, and country. We need principled leaders at all levels of government. Please consider supporting these candidates. 

Thank you,

Senator Brian W. Jones

Senator Brian Jones 2020 Official Endorsements

Darrell Issa, U.S. Representative, District 50

Jim DeBello, U.S. Representative, District 52

Brian Maryott, U.S. Representative, District 49

Joel Anderson, San Diego County Board of Supervisors, District 2

Kristin Gaspar, San Diego County Board of Supervisors, District 3

Linda Dealy-Blankenship, State Senate, District 39

Randy Voepel, State Assembly, District 71

Marie Waldron, State Assembly, District 75

Melanie Burkholder, State Assembly, District 76

June Cutter, State Assembly, District 77

Paul Starita, Superior Court Judge, Office No. 30

John Minto, Mayor of Santee

Jerry Jones, Mayor of Lemon Grove

Laura Koval, Santee City Council, District 3

Dustin Trotter, Santee City Council, District 4

Ed Musgrove, San Marcos City Council, District 4

Steve Goble, El Cajon City Council, District 3

Phil Ortiz, El Cajon City Council, District 4

Caylin Frank, Poway City Council, District 4

Mark Powell, San Diego County Board of Education, District 1

Brian Epperson, San Marcos Unified School Board, Trustee Area B

Jim Miller, Cajon Valley Union School District, Trustee Area 5

Justin Slagle, Grossmont Union High School District, Trustee Area 2

David Vincent, Palomar Community College District, Trustee Area 3

Dawn Perfect, Ramona Unified School District

Bartosz "Bartek" Murawski, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, Trustee Area 3

Jordan Gascon, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, Trustee Area 4

Lara Hoefer Moir, Lakeside Union School District

Famela Ramos, Chula Vista Elementary School District, Seat No. 2

Virginia Hall, Grossmont Healthcare District, Division 1

Kristie Bruce-Lane, Olivenhain Municipal Water District, District 4

Steve Robak, Lakeside Water District, Division 4

Mark Robak, Otay Water District, Division 5

Dan Summers, Ramona Community Planning Group

Ron Kasper, Lakeside Community Planning Group

City of Santee Measure N: NO

City of Santee Measure R: YES*

City of Santee Measure Q: NO*

*Note from Brian: On principle, I'm opposed to term-limits. However, in this case, there are two competing term-limits measures on the ballot, and if both pass the measure that earns the higher percentage of YES votes will be enacted. Between Measures R and Q, Measure R is clearly superior. Thus, I'm supporting Measure R. 

Finally, here is a helpful link to the San Diego Republican Party's Endorsement Page.

Senator Brian Jones 2020 Proposition Voter Guide

Prop 14 - $5.5 Billion Bond for Stem Cell Research

I am opposed. State taxpayers' funds were meant only as a one time start-up investment, not as an ongoing funding source.  There's also been controversy over potential mismanagement of past funds. Vote NO.

Prop 15 – The so-called “Split Roll” Tax Measure

I am opposed.  Raising taxes on small businesses, particularly during a time when the state’s economy is doing poorly and we are facing unprecedented job losses amid business shutdowns? Are you kidding me?!

I am also concerned that this proposition will undermine the letter and spirit of Proposition 13’s prohibition on drastic property tax hikes, and I stand with leaders of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the California Taxpayers Association, the California Restaurant Association, the California Farm Bureau and the California NAACP in opposition to this measure. Vote NO.

Prop 16 – Enacting Affirmative Action in California

I am opposed and voted against the legislative measure – Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5 – that put this proposition on the ballot.

This proposition would remove the following language from the State Constitution: “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group, on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.”

I do not want to see our state enact racial quotas in hiring, contracting, and school admissions. If approved, that's where this measure ultimately leads us. Vote NO.

Prop 17 – Allows Parolees the Right to Vote

I am opposed and voted against the legislative measure – Assembly Constitutional Amendment 6 – that put this proposition on the ballot.

After a parolee has actually completed the terms of their parole and their other rights have been restored is also when they should be allowed to vote again.

I stand with Crime Victims United and the California Election Integrity Project in opposition to this measure. Vote NO.

Prop 18 – Allows 17 year-olds the right to vote in Primary or Special Elections

I am opposed and voted against the legislative measure – Assembly Concurrent Amendment 4 – that put this proposition on the ballot.

We have a long history of requiring that citizens be 18 years of age or older to vote and I see no reason to change it. Vote NO.

Prop 19 – Changes Tax Transfer Laws for Inherited Properties and Disaster-damaged Properties

I am opposed and voted against the legislative measure – Assembly Constitutional Amendment 11 – that put this proposition on the ballot.

While I support lowering taxes on properties damaged in disasters, this measure was rushed onto the ballot without a thorough review of all the costs and benefits.

I join the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association in opposition to this measure. Vote NO.

Prop 20 – Increases Crime Penalties and Expands DNA Collection from Criminals

I support this clean-up of AB 109, Prop 47 & Prop 57 which all drastically reduced penalties for a number of violent and non-violent crimes and, predictably, led to increases in certain types of crimes.

Additionally, I believe that DNA collection from criminals in custody should be increased to help resolve recent and cold-case crimes.

I proudly stand with the Crime Victims Action Alliance, Crime Victims United and the California Police Chiefs Association in support of this measure. Vote YES.

Prop 21 – Rent Control

I am opposed to this proposition and believe rent control will decrease the availability of affordable housing and will increase the costs to build new housing.

I join with leaders of the California Taxpayers Association, the NAACP, Senior Advocates League, AMVETS, and the American Legion in opposing this measure. Vote NO.

Prop 22 – Exempts App-based Drivers from AB 5

I support this exemption from AB 5 for ride-share drivers (such as those working for Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Instacart, etc.) so they can continue working as independent contractors.

Additionally, I believe that AB 5 ought to be completely repealed and all industries that currently operate as independent contractors should be allowed to continue that freedom and flexibility. Vote YES.

Prop 23 – Dialysis Clinic Regulations

I am opposed and believe the voters have already spoken on this issue by rejecting a similar proposition recently.

Dialysis facilities in California are rightly renowned as the safest in the world. That's why dialysis patients and leaders of the California Medical Association and American Nurses Association also oppose this measure. Vote NO.

Prop 24 – Consumer Data Privacy

I am opposed to this complicated, complex, and un-vetted measure.

Creating a large new state bureaucracy, giving them power to impose penalties, and removing the ability for companies to cure any violations is unwise and the last thing we should be doing in this economic environment. Vote NO.

Prop 25 – Elimination of the Cash-bail System

I am opposed to eliminating the system allowing the judge to require that persons arrested for serious crimes post bail to guarantee they return to court for trial.

It is my belief that the alternative to bail outlined in this proposition will compromise public safety and undermine the justice system. Vote NO.