Bill would require OT, other benefits for nannies - Brian W. Jones

Bill would require OT, other benefits for nannies

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Democrats have passed a bill that would provide overtime pay, meal breaks and other labor protections for domestic workers in California. Lawmakers in the Assembly passed AB241 by...

Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco on a 41-24 vote Wednesday. Ammiano said the bill—called the Domestic Workers of Bill of Rights—seeks to give housekeepers, nannies and caregivers fair pay and safe working conditions.

It now moves to the Senate.

Ammiano says the bill provides "a basic labor guarantee" to workers who care for children, the disabled and the elderly.

Republican Assemblyman Brian Jones of Santee says the bill would make in-home help unaffordable for all but the wealthy. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill last year citing the financial effects on families.