Crowd turns out for 2nd Amendment Awareness Event Hosted by Assemblyman Brian Jones - Brian W. Jones

Crowd turns out for 2nd Amendment Awareness Event Hosted by Assemblyman Brian Jones

A sold-out group of 200, that included many Ramonans, attended Assemblyman Brian Jones’s (R-Santee) 3rd Annual 2nd Amendment Awareness Event Saturday, Sept. 21, to support and celebrate Constitution...


The event was held at the Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club. Jones, who represents the 71st Assembly District that includes Ramona, spoke about the importance of the United States Constitution: “The framers of the U.S. Constitution were very deliberate in crafting every word, including the Second  Amendment. They knew that to preserve a free society, citizens like you and me would need the power to overthrow the government if that government became corrupt.”

Sam Paredes, executive director for Gun Owners of California, spoke about anti-gun legislation passed by the Legislature, and awaiting signature or veto on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

Shooters of all ages participated in Certified Novice Training clinics that taught beginners how to operate a firearm in a safe and controlled environment while more intermediate and advanced shooters practiced their accuracy.

“This event was a great reminder that people of all ages — children and the elderly included — value the importance of the Second Amendment,” Jones said.

“One surefire way to protect and defend the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is to exercise that right with responsible gun ownership and regular training,” said Paredes. “You never know when you will need it to fend off a criminal or a tyrant.”

Jones and Paredes noted it is fitting that Constitution Week falls the week after the legislative session came to an end, and while numerous bills restricting law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights await decisions from Brown. During the end of session, Jones distributed a response to the legislation titled “A Closer Look” concerning gun deaths in California since the Newtown, Conn. shooting — recently cited by Senator Kevin De León (D-Los Angeles). Jones said it is time to take a “closer look” at the facts of gun violence.

“This is not an honest way to have a debate on the issue of guns. It capitalizes on emotion rather than the facts — if we are going to have a debate on the issue of gun violence, let it be an honest debate — not one using manipulation,” Jones said. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were given to us by our Creator, and I don’t think we as a society could be totally free unless the Second Amendment is fully intact.”

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