Disadvantaged Workers Program - Brian W. Jones

Disadvantaged Workers Program

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is taking some heat for its plans to hire disadvantaged people to work on the $68-billion dollar bullet train project.

Although the Rail Authority said its intent is to create thousands of jobs in California, Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) says jobs should go to those who not only apply for them but have the skill to do what's required. 

In an interview with Fox 11 investigative producer Heidi Cuda, Jones said the bullet-train project is becoming a "government works project."

"It's the Central Valley destruction project," he said. "It's not what Californians voted for, there's nothing efficient about it. And the latest plan, to hire homeless people and convicted felons is evidence of that."

The Rail Authority said it's hoping to make a dent in the high unemployment in the Central Valley and to help give unskilled workers job training.

See Assemblyman Brian Jones full-length video commentary on the program here.

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