Media Pounces On 'Fake' Obamacare Website - Brian W. Jones

Media Pounces On 'Fake' Obamacare Website

Leave it to progressive California to be in the media spotlight for controversy on Obamacare. Officials at California Health Insurance announce that you can get Obamacare in minutes, not hours. ...

The state exchange website offers an opportunity for consumers this holiday season. They can pledge to give the gift of health to family so their loved ones can have health insurance that works for them.

Endless pastels and painting of the rosy Obamacare scenario continues.

But not for Republicans who disapproved of the Affordable Care Act. They announced an alternative, informational website informing the public of the perils of Obamacare. This website is consistent with their philosophy, offering facts about what government-run health care will mean to consumers.

The media didn’t like that and put out stories accusing Assembly Republicans of playing fast and loose with the facts, calling it fake and under-handed.

That’s because the website includes breakdowns of what the Affordable Care Act means for individuals, based on whether someone presently has insurance, does not have insurance or is an employer.

It also cites specific reports on how the Affordable Care Act will impact seniors and young adults.

An interactive calculator on the website estimates the out-of-pocket penalties Californians would owe to the federal government if they do not obtain insurance.

There’s also a chart detailing the new taxes that employers and individuals will pay under the federal Affordable Care Act.

Judge for yourself – you can view the Republicans’ website here.

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