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Local Republicans Earn Top Marks for Tax Votes

SACRAMENTO — Senators Joel Anderson of La Mesa and Mark Wyland of Solana Beach were among Republicans who earned a 100 percent rating from the California Taxpayers Association. Most local Democrats... Continue reading

Illegal immigrants can get driver’s licenses under new California law

SACRAMENTO — Illegal immigrants living in California will be eligible to apply for driver’s licenses under a law signed on Thursday by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, in the latest action to expand... Continue reading

Undocumented Immigrants can soon apply for driver's licenses in California

California legislators recently signed AB 60, allowing about 1.4 million undocumented immigrants the right to obtain a California driver’s license. “My father was stopped and detained for driving... Continue reading

10 Years After... The Cedar Fire Community Reconnects and Reflects Oct. 26 in Lakeside

September 28, 2013 (Lakeside) – On the tenth anniversary of the Cedar Fire, community leaders and fire survivors will gather to dedicate a historic memorial commemorating the worst wildfire in...   Continue reading

California to raise minimum wage to $10 an hour by 2016

SACRAMENTO, Sept 25 (Reuters) - California has become the first state in the nation to commit to raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour, with the increase to take place gradually through the start... Continue reading

Crowd turns out for 2nd Amendment Awareness Event Hosted by Assemblyman Brian Jones

A sold-out group of 200, that included many Ramonans, attended Assemblyman Brian Jones’s (R-Santee) 3rd Annual 2nd Amendment Awareness Event Saturday, Sept. 21, to support and celebrate Constitution... Continue reading

California's great gun grab: State's sweeping gun control bills target firearms, ammo - and hunting

Breaking new ground in the state-level battle over firearms, the Democratic-dominated California state legislature has taken gun control into uncharted territory with a flurry of new bills that target... Continue reading

Rural Fire Fee Due Again Soon Despite Lawsuit and Claims of Double Taxation

The time has come for many Ramona residents to pay the much disputed $150 "rural fire prevention fee" again, even while a class action lawsuit is underway that challenges the fee as an illegal tax... Continue reading

Lawmakers expand immigration rights

SACRAMENTO — California Democrats this year advanced an aggressive agenda to expand immigrant rights with support from a handful of Republicans intent on rebuilding the party’s image among Latinos... Continue reading

Surprised and appalled, legislators pledge assisted living reforms

California lawmakers pledged to increase penalties and boost inspections in response to "Deadly Neglect," a three-day series published this week by U-T San Diego that showed serious deficiencies in...   Continue reading