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State employees to receive raises in proposed deal

SACRAMENTO (AP) — About 95,000 state employees could be in line for a 4.5 percent pay raise as part of a tentative three-year agreement reached Tuesday between Gov. Jerry Brown and California's... Continue reading

SEIU pay-raise deal could spawn hikes for other unions

California's largest public employee union and Gov. Jerry Brown reached a new labor agreement early Tuesday, sending a strong signal that pay raises are possible to other unions bargaining contracts... Continue reading

Bill would protect AWOL state workers

Sacramento — State workers would be given more due-process rights if they get fired after taking off work without permission under a bill OK’d by a Senate panel on Monday. The Senate Employment and... Continue reading

SD lawmakers push border, labeling, museum bills

San Diego County lawmakers are nursing through legislation to ease traffic jams at border crossings, enlist Snoopy to raise money for museums and redefine “Made in America” labeling... Continue reading

Assemblyman Jones Responds to Legislation Allowing Non-Citizens to Serve on a Jury

The office of La Mesa's State Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-71) released another one-minute online video of the representative speaking about specific topics dealt with (or not) in Sacramento that drive... Continue reading

SD County Fair previews a Holocaust exhibit

DEL MAR, California — Will a large number of the San Diego County Fair’s expected 1.5 million visitors this year want to take a break from carnival games, cotton candy, and this year’s bacon... Continue reading

State Senate Mulls Bill To OK Jury Duty For Non-Citizens

SAN DIEGO ( — Will California become the first U.S. state to allow non-citizens to serve on juries? Assembly Bill 1401, which was passed by legislators back in April, would allow the state... Continue reading

Bill would require OT, other benefits for nannies

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Democrats have passed a bill that would provide overtime pay, meal breaks and other labor protections for domestic workers in California. Lawmakers in the Assembly passed AB241 by... Continue reading

California's $68B rail project will hire the 'disadvantaged' - like felons and dropouts

What do high school dropouts, convicted felons and union apprentices have in common? They’re all “disadvantaged” workers who — alongside veterans, former foster children and single parents — must account for at least 10 percent of the labor force behind California’s $68 billion high-speed rail project. By 2029, the state’s High-Speed Rail Authority hopes to send commuters hurtling at 200 mph between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The 800-mile system with up to 24 stations will eventually extend to Sacramento and San Diego, but some critics — and even former proponents of the megaproject — are now questioning its viability. Continue reading

Jones’ Made in USA bill is back

May 7, 2013 If a barbecue is mostly made here, but its knobs were produced in Mexico, should the grill still carry a “Made in USA” label? The federal government thinks so. California does not. Santee Assemblyman Brian Jones, saying the different labeling standards adds to the cost of doing business in California, for the second time is trying to align state law with federal practice. His measure is on the way to the Assembly floor after clearing its first committee this week. “The fact that California is the only state in the nation to have such rigid standards is a barrier to business,” Jones, a Republican, said after the vote. Continue reading