Why I'm Running


Across California, cost of living, homelessness, and crime are out of control. On so many important issues, government is failing us. As a father, I worry about our kid’s future and the state we are passing down to them. I am running for California’s 40th Senate District to fix this mess. Join me in the fight for a Golden California.

Cost of Living Cost of Living

There is no doubt the cost of living is too high in the Golden state. When one out of five Californians lives at or below the poverty line it is clear we need change. Families young and old are fleeing the state as high inflation, rising gas taxes, high rent and soaring housing prices devastate California families' budgets. Yet the solution from most Sacramento politicians is to continue to implement policies to raise your taxes, eliminate taxpayer safeguards like Proposition 13, and increase regulations on small businesses. It is time for commonsense to rule the day. Our state needs to lower the cost of living by lowering taxes and fees, reducing unnecessary regulations on businesses, and ensuring every Californian can attain a home they can afford.

Public Safety Public Safety

Crime is soaring across our state. The recent rise in violent "smash and grab" crimes is just one example. In 2021, property and violent crimes increased by double digits in some of our state's largest cities. Yet the solutions proposed by Sacramento bureaucrats are to defund the police, release criminals early from our jails, and place Sexually Violent Predators in our neighborhoods. It is time for major reform of the flawed Proposition 47 that has made it easier for criminals to get back on the streets and in our neighborhoods. 

Homelessness Homelessness

As I travel around my district the most common comment that I hear is that Sacramento must invest in commonsense solutions to homelessness - not homeless hotels. Every Californian deserves a path off the streets. Programs that emphasize a compassionate assessment of the root causes of homelessness such as mental health challenges and substance abuse issues must be considered. We must utilize and empower existing non-profits, charities, and faith-based housing and shelter programs rather than setting up new state-run homeless housing bureaucracies. 

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