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Across California, cost of living, homelessness, and crime are out of control. On so many important issues, government is failing us. As a father, I worry about our children’s future and the state we are passing down to them. As Senate Republican Leader, I’m leading Senate Republicans to fix this mess. Join me in the fight to Fix California.

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Cutting Costs for San Diegans Cutting Costs for San Diegans

Undoubtedly, the cost of living is too high in the Golden State. When nearly one-third of Californians live in or near poverty, it is clear we need change. Californians young and old are fleeing the state as high inflation, rising taxes, skyrocketing rent prices, and soaring housing costs devastate their budgets. Despite this downward spiral, Sacramento Democrats continue to implement their failed policies that make everything more expensive. It is time for commonsense to rule the day. We are fighting back against Democrat leadership’s efforts to raise taxes, mandate more regulations on small businesses, and block housing production. Here is my plan:

Inflation is at its highest point in nearly 40 years and rising costs continue to squeeze families. To control inflation, we need to put the brakes on increased government spending. Furthermore, we must immediately lower costs for Californians by cutting unnecessary and rising taxes such as property taxes, electricity taxes, manufacturing taxes, gas taxes, cellphone taxes, vehicle taxes…the list goes on and on!

I believe local control is key to community planning. We can create more housing to fix the shortage and affordability crisis while still giving communities control to shape their neighborhoods. Every Californian should be able to attain a home they can afford.

To fix our housing affordability crisis, we must cut regulations and taxes that make it harder to build. For example, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) increases building costs and project timelines. I'm pushing to reform CEQA and make it easier to build in California. In fact, I’ve already taken steps to do so during my time in the Senate. I've coauthored several bipartisan measures to reform CEQA and help advance affordable housing developments. While these efforts have been an excellent step in the right direction, much more work still needs to be done to increase housing supply and lower housing costs.

With skyrocketing rents, I'm working across the aisle in the Senate to bring renters relief. As Senate Republican Leader, I continue pushing to increase the renter's tax credit for the first time in 43 years.

California should suspend the state's $1 taxes and fees on every gallon of gas. A gas tax holiday will immediately bring prices down. I've introduced several amendments to suspend the gas tax and will keep pushing for gas price relief.

California should make it easier for businesses to operate and thrive. We can do this by cutting burdensome regulations and taxes that push so many of our businesses out of state. As Senate Republican Leader, I've authored and supported countless bills to get this done. I promise to continue fighting for our small businesses.

Tackling Homelessness Tackling Homelessness

As I travel around my district, the most common comment I hear is that Sacramento must invest in commonsense solutions to homelessness - not homeless hotels. Every Californian deserves a path off the streets. We can compassionately clear encampments and provide homeless individuals with services they desperately need. Here is my plan:

Sadly, California's homelessness crisis has turned into a public safety crisis. As Senate Republican Leader, I introduced Senate Bill 31 (2022) to prohibit homeless encampments near sensitive areas like schools, parks, libraries, and day-care centers.

We can compassionately clear encampments by funding homeless outreach teams (HOTs). HOTs provide an on-the-spot assessment of each homeless individual and help immediately lift them off the street. During my time in the Senate, I've introduced two bills to fund these teams and expand their use across the state. As Senate Republican Leader, investing in the necessary resources to compassionately clear encampments is one of my top priorities.

We must invest in programs that emphasize a compassionate assessment of the root causes of homelessness, such as mental health challenges, substance abuse issues, and cost of living. California should utilize and empower existing non-profits, charities, and faith-based housing and shelter programs rather than setting up new state-run homeless housing bureaucracies. As Senate Republican Leader, I've secured funding for these organizations, but there is more work to be done.

Homeless individuals are at a greater risk of experiencing mental health illnesses. Far too often, these individuals are left alone on the street because California lacks the essential structure and workforce to provide them with treatment. I've fearlessly fought to build this necessary infrastructure and help end California's mental health crisis. When California had a $100 billion surplus in 2022, I advocated investing 10% of it ($10 billion) into mental health infrastructure and services to help Californians struggling with mental health and addiction. As your Senate Republican Leader, I promise to keep fighting for a better and more compassionate mental health system.

Keeping Our Community Safe Keeping Our Community Safe

Crime is soaring across our state. One example is the recent rise in violent "smash and grab" crimes. Since the pandemic, property and violent crimes increased by double digits in some of our state's largest cities. We should be focusing on stopping crime BEFORE it starts by investing in proven and effective prevention and intervention programs. Yet the solutions proposed by Sacramento leadership are to decriminalize atrocious and violent crimes, defund the police, release criminals early from our jails, and dump sexually violent predators in our neighborhoods. As Senate Republican Leader, I work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to pass policies that will keep our community safe. Here is my plan:

Proposition 47 (Prop 47) has allowed smash-and-grab robberies to skyrocket with few consequences for thieves. Prop 47 made it easier for criminals to get back on the streets and in our neighborhoods. We must implement major reforms to fix these flaws. As Senate Republican Leader, I'm fighting to overturn the problematic theft provisions in Prop 47 to make our community safer and hold criminals accountable.

As Senate Republican Leader, I work closely with law enforcement groups like the California District Attorneys Association and the California Police Chiefs Association to oppose Sacramento Democrats’ anti-public safety measures. For example, we successfully stalled SB 300 (2022), a horrible bill that would have lowered the penalties for violent and gruesome murders. I look forward to continuing to be a fearless advocate against dangerous anti-public safety policies coming out of Sacramento.

Our law enforcement officers sacrifice so much to keep our communities safe. Instead of defunding the police, we should increase law enforcement resources so they can safely do their jobs of keeping us safe. In 2023, I secured $1 million in funding for the San Diego Sheriff. There is much more work to be done. As your Senate Republican Leader, I continue to champion policies that support our law enforcement.

Sexually violent predators (SVPs) are being dumped into our communities because of Sacramento Democrats’ failed policies. As Senate Republican Leader, I've called on the Newsom Administration to follow in the footsteps of previous Administrations on this issue—house SVPs in trailers on state prison property. I look forward to working with the Governor in a bipartisan manner to solve this problem. Additionally, I introduced the SAFE Act to reform how the state handles SVP placements. While the best solution is not to release SVPs, if they must be released, I am committed to creating a release/placement process where public safety is the top priority.

Restoring Educational Excellence Restoring Educational Excellence

California’s public schools are ranked nearly last in the nation. In fact, 46% of California parents say children have fallen behind academically since the pandemic began. It’s no wonder our public schools have lost over 110,000 students since the pandemic. We must reform our broken educational system and lift kids out of our state’s failed experiment. Here is my plan:

Our schools and teachers need everything it takes to lift kids out of a failed experiment. We must rebuild our crumbling school infrastructure, increase teachers’ resources, and invest in desperately needed educational programming such as Career Technical Educational Programs and Special Education Programs. As Senate Republican Leader, I advocate to dramatically improve public schools’ academic and afterschool programs so that all kids have a fair shot at success.

Parents are constantly being cut out of their kids’ education. For example, the Legislature passed SB 1100 (2022), a measure that restricts the ability of parents to freely speak up and fight for their kids at public school board meetings. We should be encouraging, rather than discouraging, parental involvement in education. That’s why I strongly opposed SB 1100. As Senate Republican Leader, I will always stand up for parental rights.

Sacramento constantly attacks and underfunds charter and non-traditional schools. I believe parents know what’s best for their kids, not bureaucrat politicians and teacher union bosses. As your Senate Republican Leader, I have been effective in advocating for more school choice and fair funding for all schools. In 2023, Democrat lawmakers passed AB 1604, an unfair measure that would have hurt charter schools and the students they serve by imposing harsh restrictions on charter school facility funding. I strongly urged Governor Newsom to veto this bill, and I'm pleased that he heeded my call and vetoed the bill. 

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